Traverse universe is made up of many player-created planets. You can view a list of all available planets, and teleport wherever you want to go. This teleportation is subject to cooldown, and each use costs a few game coins.

You can sort planets based on number of visitors, overall number of visits, rating of the planet, or mob levels.

When you leave the planet, you will be given an opportunity to rate it. Ratings express your subjective opinion of the planet, and help other players discover the planet.

Traverse player taking off to another planet


Free alternative to teleportation is flying in your rocket. You fly between planets, solar systems, and galaxies. When near a planet, your spaceship will display planet information, such as if the planet is PVE or PVP, how many other players are on the planet, and if the planet has any rare mobs spawned. In case planet is designed as PVP minigame, you’ll be able to join the queue for the game.

While flying, you are effectively browsing planets that are out there, waiting to be explored. Planets that are marked as ‘Private’ by their owner, will not be visible.


While visiting a planet, you can use jetpack to fly. Jetpack duration is relatively short, because it quickly overheats, but it can be used again after it cools down.

If you are editing your own planet, you can fly around without limitations.


Number of ground mounts is available for your player while exploring planets. You will be automatically dismounted if you get attacked. Mounts range from horses and other similar animals, to cars or motorbikes.

Run and sprint

Default method of transport while exploring and engaging in combat is running. Short-duration sprint can be used to boost your movement, but it uses your energy, that is otherwise needed for combat.

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