Trading Post

All trading in Traverse is facilitated by Trading Post. On the marketplace, you either trade instantly, or by creating listings.

When you want to buy something instantly, item will come from someone else’s “For Sale” listing. When you want to sell something instantly, it will be sold to someone else’s “Wanted” listing.

All items that can be looted have a reusable value -- if, at least, it is to break it down into reusable materials.


There are two currencies in use in Traverse: game coins, and cash coins.

Game coins are platinum, gold, silver and copper coins you loot, and use to buy and sell items in the Trading Post.

Cash coins are premium coins that you can obtain by purchasing them with real money. Cash coins can also be redeemed for real money. Cash coins can also be converted to game coins, however game coins cannot be converted to cash coins.

When you decide to sell an item, you can choose if you are selling it for cash coins only, or for game coins only, or for both. If you are listing it as being sold for both currencies, you will receive the coins that the buyer used.

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