Traverse is a Massively Multiplayer Online Sandbox Game. It is a persistent, online, player-editable universe, with overall game progression along the lines of MMORPGs.

Player character earns levels, collects items, and grows in strength. Players also create planets for other players and engage in competitive play.

Everything you do in Traverse is online, and in real-time. You have the freedom to create, mould and decorate your planet in the universe, and travel to huge number of other player created planets to explore.

While we employ a lot of procedurally generated techniques, these are used by players and, therefore, all the content in Traverse is man-made. Visual style is flat-shaded low poly. Most of the game looks as if it was made out of paper.

Procedurally aided player created island in Traverse MMO Sandbox Low Poly Game


Procedurally aided player created island in Traverse MMO Sandbox Low Poly Game

Traverse combines full online game play and full edit-ability of the environment. You can build a planet together with friends simultaneously, and even change game rules. You can modify NPC behavour, set goals (quests to complete, or flags to capture, for instance). Traverse is like a living online play-doh where your creations continue to grow even when you are offline.

In Traverse, you can dig holes, tunnels, cave systems, place mountains, move vallyes, pour water to create lakes, ponds and rivers, design shoreline, adjust lighting and weather effects to suit your desired style.

You can place trees and vegetation as desired, design and create houses and buildings, place and arrange them into towns and cities, allocate NPCs, behaviours, tasks, quests.

All this with a touch of RPG: for example, you need to find wolf's DNA if you want wolves on your planet, you need to harvest wood and mine ore, to build houses. As players play on your planet, all experience and loot they earn, generates proportional amount awarded to you as well. This way, owners of popular planets can grow their levels and loot fast.


Races are truely limitless -- share your design with friends and establish new unique races. Skin color and highlight has no restrictions; pick your prefered skin shine. Hair colors are also limitless. Check out some of our videos that demonstrate the process!

There are 6 different classes to choose from. These determine your preferred combat style. Each class is unique and brings it's own benefits to group combat.

If designing your own planet is not for you, get into your rocket and travel the universe, exploring other player's planets, but be careful as there are some deadly planets out there. Fight against rare mobs or try your hand at pvp.

Character creation possibilities in Traverse MMO Sandbox Low Poly Game
Create a unique character with no limitations! Design your own race. Young, old, alien, elf, big, small - you decide!
Players place vegetation on their planets in Traverse MMO Sandbox Low Poly Game


After creating overall layout, players proceed to plant trees, rocks, and grass, where they see fit. Like with terrain, if they have guests / friends on their planets, they will see the changes in real time.

Some of the tree types are available to everyone, whilst others will have to be farmed. You may end up scouting the universe for rare species that you want on your planet. When you see a tree that you like to bring to your planet, best would be to stay there, fight mobs and harvest plants -- there is a small chance to obtain the seeds.

You can bring seeds back on your planet, and if seedlings sprout well, you'll have unlimited supply of those trees!

Players place vegetation on their planets in Traverse MMO Sandbox Low Poly Game

Buildings and Props

Similar to vegetation, you'll place buildings and props where suitable. Some will be available to everyone, while others will have limited supply. In fact, you could construct your own building design to use on your planet.

A lot of crafting in Traverse is hands-on design of the actual appearance of the building or prop. Read more.

Towns built by players in Traverse MMO Sandbox Low Poly Game
Mobs on player created planets in Traverse MMO Sandbox Low Poly Game

Mobs and Quests

Depending on the altitude and slope of your terrain, proximity to ocean or lakes, mobs will start spawning. You can fight them yourself and start gaining levels.

Or you can start creating quests and assign them to friendly NPCs that will start spawning in and around the houses you placed.

As you start discovering DNA of rare species, you can then decide where on your planet you would like these mobs to spawn

Mobs on player created planets in Traverse MMO Sandbox Low Poly Game

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