Traverse crafting system is based on mixing materials to produce desired output. You can craft anything you have materials for.

You begin by choosing what you want created, or by choosing crafting materials you currently have. In either case, all possible options or requirements are shown.

This makes it very easy to discover purpose of the crafting material you just looted, or specific requirements for item you want to create.

All wearable items, in addition to basic crafting, have two further methods of customization. You have the freedom to choose colors and visual materials of your item; and you can also add magical gems to enhance item’s properties

For instance, you can choose to have pants in blue color, with metallic or leather finish, and to add +Strength gems to it, making them more suitable to classes such as Barbarian or Knight.

In Traverse world, there are many gems available giving you all possible status bonuses. In most cases you will be crafting your gear, or modifying it, rather than just equipping what you looted.

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