There are six classes that players can select from when they create a new character: Priest, Mage, Barbarian, Knight, Assassin and Ranger.

Each class is specialized in Traverse, adding unique skills needed for well rounded group play.

All classes have their own specialized weapons, spells and one primary beneficial stat.

While playing Traverse you will collect XP scrolls. These can be spent on increasing stats or upgrading spells.


Priest is a support class, whose main role is maintaining the health and wellbeing of team members. Priest's primary role is achieved with healing spells.

Range of spells include target heals, group heals, fear, cleanse, single target damage and buffs.

Priests are very specialized as they are the only class that have the ability to heal other players. For tough battles and PVP, a priest will always be welcomed.

Primary stat that influences effectiveness of spells is Wisdom.


Knight is a melee class wielding one hand sword and a shield for close range combat with an emphasis on defense.

Their defense skills are excellent, making them the best choice to tank tough mobs.

Knights focus on taunting enemies enabling other team members to heal and deal damage.

Primary stat for knight is Strength.


Assassin, a master of combat, often hiding in the shadows, can strike with high burst damage and will either finish the opponent or become quite vulnerable after exhausting all the spells.

Assassins wield two daggers for close range combat. They can output very high damge if they are behind the enemy, and can move away just as fast using sprint.

Agility is assassin's primary stat.


Mage is a spell caster who can wield powerful spells harnessing three schools of magic: Fire, Frost and Arcane.

Although the mage is very powerful, they can be physically weak as a trade-off.

Mage has targeted spells and area spells. They also have a absorbtion shield and blink as defence.

Believers of 'offense is your best defense' will find mage as a perfect choice, since they are, arguably, deadliest of all classes

Primary stat that influences effectiveness and damage of spells is Intelligence.


Barbarian is a well-rounded physical assailant. Barbarian has very high Strength and armor attributes. This gives them quite high damage and great survival skills.

Barbarian uses melee damage wielding two handed axe and is a fierce opponent. Although barbarian doesn’t have any ranged attacks, it can pull mobs from a distance with thier heavy chains, or prevent them from fleeing with hamstring.

Overall well rounded class and tough to beat.

Primary stat for barbarian is Strength.


Ranger is an archer. His attacks are some of the longest reaching and amongst the deadliest of all.

Distance from the enemy is ranger's biggest advantage. With many different attacks, ranger can disorient or slow down the enemy; or shoot a rain of arrows to attack many enemies at once.

Primary stat for ranger is Dexterity.

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