The Building system in Traverse is one of the key features being developed. You can build a house, castle, tent or a futuristic skyscraper.

The first step in building is to create a Blueprint. You can start by placing one of the templates on the ground. You are able to move walls, ceilings and floors; toggle between flat or curved walls, move windows around, and change window frame styles. Then, you can add stairs and doors, shutters and chimneys.

If you prefer to start from an empty canvas, you can do that too, and start adding elements, similar to usual 3D applications. For advanced 3D modelers, we intend to provide FBX import, however this version of the house will not be compatible with editing tool (so, no further edits of the house will be possible in the game). Each unique Material ID will be used as a separate surface type.

After the design of the layout, you choose surface types, like metal, wood, brick or stone and the colors of the material. Once you reach the final design stage, you can save it as a blueprint - an in-game item like any other.

Author of the blueprint has a few special controls over the blueprint. You choose if anyone can make copies of the blueprint, and you choose if anyone is allowed to make alterations to the design during construction.

Blueprints require resources before they can be used to spawn the house. Players can either gather them on their own or use the Trading post if they have sufficient coin to purchase them.

Traverse will have plenty of prebuilt blueprints to discover and trade. If you don’t feel like building - you don’t have too!

Player created market in Traverse MMO Sandbox

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